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PilloPak te Eerbeek

Pillopak of Eerbeek is the specialist for lightweight corrugated paper and corrugated paper packaging. Since 1954, the company has been developing transport and product packaging solutions for a wide range of industries. The partnership with Holtrop & Jansma is still relatively young: only 2 to 3 years.

At that time, Pillopak was looking for a company able to produce a dust filter cabinet. Holtrop & Jansma was contacted on the recommendation of another company. Marco Gieteling, plant manager: "The system installed by Holtrop & Jansma ensures that all paper snippets are extracted. Subsequently, the air and paper are separated. The snippets are then transported to a bale press, where we turn them into paper bales."

Holtrop & Jansma do not provide a maintenance service, but do offer system expansions. Gieteling is extremely satisfied with the service received: "It's clear that Holtrop & Jansma consider high-quality service of paramount importance: they never fail to meet their agreements in terms of price and delivery. And whenever there's a problem or we want an expansion, we're called back within half a day by the right person. Brilliant!"