Below please find a brief description of the most common air separation systems: 


Horizontal air separators

The air separator is installed in between two conveyor belts and can separate material flows into light and heavy fractions. The light fraction is being removed via a material duct leading to a material separator.  

Drum separator

The drum separators divide waste flows into two constituent fractions; such as a heavy and a light fraction. The roll separators can separate very large amounts of waste and are fully adjustable. Besides, the waste flows are not being conveyed through the ventilator or the discharge pipes. 

3- and 4-way drum separators

Apart from our standard drum separators, we also offer roll separators to separate waste flows into three or four constituent fractions, for instance a heavy one, a medium-weight one, as well as one or two light fractions. These separators may also be used for the dosage of the waste flows.  

Easy drum separator

Our Easy drum separator lends itself to the separation of two waste flows.  The drum separators are delivered as fully assembled units and fit into a 40-feet container. These are available as a semi-mobile or a fixed version.