Dekker Zevenhuizen B.V.

Dekker Zevenhuizen B.V. is the largest producer and supplier of (wooden) kitchen work tops and accessories in the Netherlands. This specialised company has been working with Holtrop & Jansma since 1990. To everybody’s total satisfaction.

Gerard Braams, Technical Department Manager: “Holtrop & Jansma ensures that all dust and sawdust is extracted at all our wood machines. To give an impression of the actual scope: no less than 300,000 cubic metres of air is displaced per hour. Ten huge Holtrop & Jansma fans ensure that this air is discharged outside to a hopper.”

Holtrop & Jansma also provides (preventive) maintenance for the systems and fans. "They do this absolutely perfectly," says Braams. "From a mechanical perspective, we have 0 faults a year! And should there be an (electronic) fault, they will solve it within a day. They are fully committed to ensuring their customers do not have to stop production. Because without Holtrop & Jansma we would grind to a halt. They deserve the highest score."


Dekker Zevenhuizen