ABS Autoherstel Hoppenbrouwers

ABS Autoherstel Hoppenbrouwers in Bergen op Zoom is one of the first companies to use the revolutionary All-in-One spray booth.The company - which has been active in the body shop industry since 1967 - is very happy with the system.

Rob Hoppenbrouwers: “The reason for installing the All-in-One spray booth was our shift in January from a functional approach to a process-based approach. No more departments, but rather teams in which different specialists work together. This meant we needed a new spray booth, among others. When we were shopping around for a new spray booth, the All-in-One stood out at as an interesting option from the start.”


The All-in-One spray booth is unique because minor damages can be fixed in a single booth. Hoppenbrouwers:“It used to be unthinkable to do both the sanding and the spraying in the same space. But thanks to Holtrop & Jansma's integrated dust extraction, it has become reality.”

Substantial time gains

One of the most important advantages of the All-in-One spray booth is the time gain. Hoppenbrouwers: “No more transportation or transfer time and a revolutionary drying time for lacquer layers thanks to IR and UV units. For instance: we used to plan two days for straightening a dent in a car door. In the All-in-One spray booth we're done within 2.5 hours! So the client gets their car back the same day. This translates to us helping more clients faster.”