ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst Groep

ABS Autoherstel Boekhorst Groep was actively involved in the development of the All-in-One spray booth. Pilot testing was done at the new company premises in Arnhem Noordand the most advanced version of the spray booth is now operational there. The branches in Arnhem Zuid and Apeldoorn will have the All-in-One spray booth too soon as well.

Martijn Boekhorst has been working at the family firm (2000) since 1944 and in 2006 became the third generation to be at the helm of the company. He is innovative, as is evidenced by his pioneering role in the All-in-One spray booth development process, and he is very pleased with the end result: “The All-in-One spray booth exceeds all expectations thanks in part to Holtrop & Jansma's approach and the role they played.”

Very efficient

Boekhorst stresses the huge improvement in efficiency resulting from using the All-in-One spray booth: “If you just look at the logistics of it all: a car has to be moved seven times during the traditional process and each move takes us about 11 minutes. With the All-in-One spray booth it’s just a matter of driving the car in and then back out again. The employee can also work very efficiently because all the tools and materials he needs are right there to hand. And we save a lot of time due to the unprecedented fast drying times resulting from the use of IR and UV. In short, this concept really works.”


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