Holtrop Jansma

Holtrop & Jansma specialist in clean air.

Welcome at Holtrop & Jansma, the largest specialist for industrial air purification in the Netherlands. Since 1960 we have been focusing on designing and building the most advanced extraction-/filter combinations. We supply an immense variety of products and installations. We deliver standardized installations, but especially customized machines. Besides, we are thinking in complete solutions. We are pleased to give you an impression of our workmanship and the pertinent options.


Holtrop & Jansma extraction systems lend themselves to the processing and transport of substances and dust particles from the air and from gases. The extraction systems lend themselves to a variety of applications.

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The residues being suctioned off, separated, and sorted by a Holtrop & Jansma installation are being reused to serve as raw materials for new products. Complete systems for various applications, such as drum sieves, air separators, and…

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Spray boothsSpray booths

As a clean-air specialist, we develop complete industrial paint shops. This includes splashboards and spray cabins for the furniture industry, the yacht building sector, car body and paint shops, as well as joineries.

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Holtrop & Jansma offers a complete range of hoppers, possibly equipped with screw conveyors, drag chain conveyors, or so-called moving-floor devices. These are used for different kinds of material transport.

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